Thursday, 1 November 2018

the scary movie of lord of the rings

When my dad put on  a  scary movie it was cold  lord of the rings. It  wasn't  Scary  at the  be  beginning of the movie but  then A girl  put, on a Video so that  Julia can Watch the Video but she run into the Bathroom and she locked it the Videos was almost. to the part when the girl come out of the tv she put  the tv on the the ground but the tv  turn it  South back on. the girl killed the girl who put on the Video but Julia unlock the
 bathroom door. She run to the door but the door was locked so she went to  get the key from the girl gave Julia a Fright she  runde. To the door she unlock the door then a boy came to the door so she  cried and hug the boy. he say it’s okay so they boif walk to the boy house.

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